Sunita Zucca

Sunita was born in Darjeeling (India) in 1985, which was adopted by a family of Prato, begins to show his artistic and creative side at age of 8 with drawing and painting, later attended the Art Institute of fashion and costume in Montemurlo.

For several years the practice of the cosplay hobby and wear clothes sewn by her, taken from cartoons, video games and movies.
Sunita also culminates a great talent not only in the art of making clothes but also in music thanks to the passion of his relatives.
Since 2008, following the singing school of 'musical association Luciano Bettarini followed by soprano Maria Luisa Zeri.
In 2010 Sunita participates at the concert organized by the "Songs of the past" to the National Boarding Cicognini.
In the same period he collaborated with the orchestra polyphonic Chiti of Prato as a soloist.
Since 2011 is actively followed by the soprano Silvia Pacini and is part of the Choral Verdi of Prato, participating in various concerts in Prato and Lucca, including the opera concert "All'alba vincerò" and took part in the Requiem Holy Mass for the inauguration Verdi year, but also in operas including Tosca, La Traviata, Cavalleria rusticana and Rigoletto.
In 2012 he perfected under the guidance of master Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Luciano Roberti.
From 2013 enrolled at the Verdi School Meadow during singing under the guidance of the mezzo soprano Mya Fraccassini.

From 2016 to 2017 she is part of the Florence opera project led by Soprano Patrizia Morandini with whom she made her debut in the opera Dido & Aeneas in the role of Venus.

In 2017 she has been a guest in several national and local Tuscan television broadcasts as a singer and cosplayer.

In 2019 and 2020 he is part of the jury of the game show All togher now on Canale 5.


Sunita was component and collaborator with different groups of the gothic scene and progressive in the area of Prato, Pistoia, Florence and Pisa participating in various festivals and contest for emerging bands. Often housed in various manifestations of comics as a singer, interpreting initials of Japanese anime in the original language and soundtracks for video games and movies